The promises of your

The promise of Aude near Somail is a Grande Dame, elegant and bourgeois, born in the early hours of the last century; like a sentinel, she continues tirelessly to watch over the comings and goings of boaters sailing between the Canal du Midi and the Canal de la Robine in Narbonne. Its majestic facade and the canal that borders it immediately called me, sending me images of suspended time, serenity and the art of living in the sweetness of the South.


I put my suitcases there in order to give it back its splendor of yesteryear, a little bit of youth and life, punctuated by visitors from all walks of life passing by, the time of a discovery, to taste its tranquil beauty.

The guest house experience was not unknown to me and for ten years I had dreamed of renewing this activity of exchange and sharing. After spending several years in the well-being and care sector, I will be happy today to combine the sweetness of the welcome with the generosity of the service and the benevolence of a massage treatment for all. those of you who request it. I will be happy to keep all the promises of Aude.

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